Quick Finance will match you you with the best lenders who will find you a Commercial Loan program that best meets your needs. Commercial Loans can be classified in several ways:


Almost every business needs some kind of real estate in order to have somewhere to operate the business from but few businesses can afford to purchase real estate outright. With a range of commercial real estate products available through our carefully selected partners we are sure to find a loan to meet your specific requirements. Whatever type of investment property loan you are looking for we can help including:
Office / Administration Centre
Retail Space


Should you own a business where you live in the property or part of the property from where your business runs we have a range of loans available to you. These include a range of loan options suitable for nearly everyone’s requirements. These loans offer a number of benefits such as:
Providing real estate suitable for your business and personal requirements
Flexibility in the type of property that is purchased under these loans
A range of SBA and non-SBA loan options
A high percentage of loan to property value financing


At Quick Finance we can offer a selection of Capital Market loans offering you a suitable long term financing options for commercial real estate debt and equity offering some of the lowest rates and costs available. We find a solution that meets your requirements at an affordable cost over the long term. These loans are ideal for financing:
Hotels and motels
Multi-family real estate
Mobile Home Parks

SBA 7(A)/504 LOANS


We work with a number of lenders authorized and regulated by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to process both SBA 7(a) loans and 504 loans for your business requirements. There are a number of differences between these two loans and it is important to understand these differences. The main practical difference is how the proceeds for each loan can be used.


Purchasing Stock Items
Covering essential running expenses
Consolidating or refinancing certain existing business debts


Purchasing Business Real Estate
Modernizing existing Real Estate
Infrastructure improvement such as landscaping or parking lots
Both of these loans are not intended to be short term solutions and you will need to demonstrate that you cannot finance these costs yourself and that you have made every effort to secure alternative financing. This is where Quick Finance might can help you.
We will make every effort to secure you a conventional loan before suggesting an SBA loan unless it is clear from the outset that an SBA 7(a) or 504 is going to be the most appropriate financing route for your business. For example, an SBA 7(a) can in exceptional circumstances be used to pay off existing debts where there is a real threat of bankruptcy to the company.
Whatever your SBA loan requirements your Cornerstone Lending consultant will support you through the process to give you every chance of making a successful application.


At Quickfinance we make it easy for you to secure a construction financing loan that suits your specific individual needs. It can be difficult to secure appropriate finance for construction projects because there are so many factors to take into consideration. From interest rates to terms of lending and early repayment penalties are just some of the things that should be given some thought.

Luckily our expert, experienced staff are available to guide you through the process and ensure that you make fully informed borrowing decisions. Our process is kept as simple and straightforward as possible and when you complete our quick online form a consultant will get right back in touch with you to discuss your options.
In many cases we will be able to give a fairly accurate assessment of your lending options at an early stage. Should we require any additional information we will ask and we will keep you up to date with your application progress. We will even work with you and your lender to complete the loan process quickly for you so you can concentrate on planning your construction project.
There are two main type of construction loan are available to our clients:
Construction to Mortgage Loans – These are specialist loans that offer you the opportunity to finance the building of your home. Upon completion of building the loan converts to a mortgage type loan secured against the property.
Lot Purchase Loans – That enable you to purchase the land on which to build your property. These are sometimes taken out with an additional loan to cover the building costs as well.
In order to qualify for one of our construction financing loans a number of conditions must be met. Although, these vary from lender to lender as a general rule the proposed property must be lived in by the person taking out the loan and must be a single, detached property. This is so that the owner of the property can take full responsibility for the construction and that there are no potential conflicts of interests with residents.
Whatever your construction financing requirements Quick Finance and our lending partners are here to help and you can rest assured that your dedicated consultant will always be on hand to support you in securing the finance you need to turn your building project dream into reality. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will be happy to help.